Story of Firebolt, Two

Firebolt was exhausted from his voyage to the New World. He honestly hadn’t thought he could do it. Towards the end, he had been openly complaining to his Uncle that the voyage was too hard, it would be better to turn back, they were probably going the wrong way, the wind was against them. He […]

Journal of diUmbria, Entry Six

Stayed up late into the night poring over charts trying to determine location. Slept late into the next morning. Woke to find Firebolt already gone! Why?!? Where?! Confound that boy! Decide to press on south, along the coast of the New World, headed for the islands where I should be able to restock the ship. […]

Journal of diUmbria, Entry Five

After a series of misunderstandings, I have reunited with Captain Firebolt and we are both now ready to attempt the long awaited crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. We currently lie in port in Lisbon, making our last preparations. After considering the matter, we have decided to cross directly west, hoping to reach the Azores and […]

Story of Firebolt, One

When Captain Firebolt awoke, the heat was nearly unbearable. He had tried to make a simple camp in the wild desert of Egypt west of the Nile. Separated from diUmbria, he still wasn’t sure how, he was lost and alone and unsure of what to do. Unbeknownst to him, diUmbria thought he had run off […]

Story of Bellasara, Entry One

The young girl walked the dark streets of London with no true purpose, no real direction. She admired the fine dresses of the ladies in the town, so much in contrast to her own simple garb. Would she ever be rich or noble enough to dress like that? Wondering thoughts like these, wondering how to […]


The youngest of the explorers, Orangeandone sails for the French Monarchy, out of the port of Marseille. Although very inexperienced, he makes up for it with bravery (or foolishness) and actually managed against all odds to reach the city of Algiers, on the opposite shore of the Mediterranean, entirely on his own. This young man’s […]


An adventurer for the English Crown, this young lady has just begun her travels. Already, though, she has sailed from Dublin to Groningen, and as far south as Calais (by accident). She sailed briefly with diUmbria, Firebolt, and Goldrose when they all met at Plymouth. Most of her time at sea was spent with Keplin, […]


Sailing from England, as an explorer for the English Crown, Keplin’s voyages have taken him farther North and East than any of the other explorers so far. He also reached the Azores and ventured further west, finally reaching the New World. This sailor is the only one so far to have seen the Kraken, and […]